EPIwild Director explains the scope of the project in radio interview

Daniela Contreras
11 August 2023

During the program Comuna 13 of Radio UACh, Gerardo Acosta explained how the idea of presenting the ANILLO project came about, its objectives and challenges in the area of public health.

Dr. Acosta commented that after what happened worldwide with the COVID-19 pandemic we had many questions and hypotheses to investigate, so "with this ANID project we went to the origin to determine where and what are the factors that are facilitating the emergence of pathogens from wildlife to humans".

During the interview, the director of EPIwild highlighted the participation of a network of national and international researchers who will contribute to the objectives proposed in this project from different perspectives. "Specifically, we are going to work in terrestrial environments with mice and bats, and we want to open an important door to understand what is happening with pathogens that can be transmitted to people," he said.

Dr. Acosta indicated that EPIwild will seek to identify places of emergence of these pathogens and whether they are affected by habitat destruction.

You can review the full interview here:


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