EPIwild director publishes book on wildlife disease ecology

Daniela Contreras
March 28, 2024

The book brings together current knowledge on many of the diseases that affect wildlife living in the Neotropics.

Dr. Gerardo Acosta, academic of the Institute of Veterinary Preventive Medicine of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences UACh and director of EPIWild together with Andrea Chaves, researcher at the University of Costa Rica, are the authors of the book "Ecology of Wildlife Diseases in the Neotropics", recently published by Springer publishing house. 

"The book -available in English- brings together the experience of Latin American specialists in the study of wildlife diseases which, after the COVID-19 pandemic, is becoming increasingly important," says Dr. Acosta.

The book covers the status of the fauna of the Neotropics, an area that stretches from south-central Mexico to Patagonia, and is catalogued by orders, for example, carnivores, reptiles, amphibians, etc.

"The situation of different pathogens that are common and others that are rarer to occur in wildlife and many of them zoonotic, such as hantavirus, chytridiomycosis, avian influenza, dengue and malaria, among other diseases, is well detailed," says the academic.

The publication can be purchased through the Springer publishing platform.

Check out more information in the following video:

Source: Communications Faculty of Veterinary Sciences UACh


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