Dr. Claudio Verdugo participated in the launching of the book at the Universidad de Concepción.

Daniela Contreras
May 16, 2024

The launching of "Enfermedades y Parásitos de la Fauna silvestre de Chile" (Diseases and Parasites of Chilean Wildlife) by the distinguished UdeC academic Dr. Daniel González Acuña was held on May 15 at the Chillán campus and was attended by prominent researchers, former students and colleagues of the tenured professor of the University of Concepción who died in 2020.

The EPIwild team was represented by Dr. Claudio Verdugo, who also took advantage of the occasion to hold several coordination meetings with the project's collaboration network to advance the proposed objectives.

The launching of the book took place on the 70th anniversary of the Chillán Campus of the UdeC, where the legacy of Dr. González and the continuity of his work represented and completed by his disciples in the research of parasites of wild animals and their impact on public health were also highlighted.

The book is a compilation of the research work done by the expert on parasites of wild animals in Chile and their implications in the transmission of microorganisms that produce diseases, both among these animals, domestic animals and, potentially, to people. Several of Dr. Gonzalez's disciples participated in this event, who after finishing their doctorates have continued to expand his legacy in some universities throughout Chile and the world, including Dr. Sebastian Muñoz and Dr. Lucila Moreno, who are part of the collaborative network of EPIwild and UdeC researchers.

As a team we join this well-deserved tribute for his great contribution to the discipline and the tremendous professional and human quality that he was.


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