Undergraduate and graduate thesis students are incorporated in academic day

Daniela Contreras
30 April 2024

Generating more data and contributing to the academic and formative development of students is also an objective of EPIWild. In an academic day, we welcomed 10 undergraduate students from Universidad Austral de Chile and Universidad de Concepción; 3 students of Magister UACh who are integrated to develop their thesis projects with us.

They will be joined by two doctoral students from the Universidad de Chile and Universidad de Concepción, who will collaborate with data and information through their respective research.

During the activity, the project objectives, challenges and achievements so far were presented and shared with EPIWild's team of principal investigators.

For the development of this research, academic conferences will be held periodically to review cases and advances, which we are sure will be of enormous relevance for the final purpose of EPIWild.



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